Go and Get Yourself Diigo

A few weeks ago, my digital learning coach colleagues and I were making fun of how many tabs each of us has to keep open on any one browser window. We joked at how many awesome tools we’ve seen on Twitter, at a conference, or heard about through a friend — bookmarked — and forgotten.

Even if I went back and tried to find something I had bookmarked, it was almost impossible to find exactly what I was looking in the moment it was needed. My bookmarking system wasn’t organized, searchable, or shareable.

Enter Diigo.

This image describes Diigo's functions.
Look! Look with your eyes! All Diigo can do!

Diigo is beautiful if you have an eye for organization, annotating, and sharing. It can be fully integrated into your life via their web site, iTunes appGoogle Play app, or Chrome Extension.

Diigo allows you to save sites, resources and PDFs to your Diigo Library. You can highlight, write, annotate or add a sticky note on your saved resource (what you would’ve bookmarked). All of these annotations show up in your library — you don’t even have to click the resource to see them!

When you save a resource, you can assign it tags within your Diigo library that allow you to easily retrieve the resource again in a moment you actually need it.

Resources in your library can be compiled onto an outline (something to give students, PLC members, or anyone you need to share with), or shared with a group (jumping off research for your students or the needed resources for your colleagues to complete a project).

So download Diigo everywhere you can. Save your open tabs there. Annotate what’s really important. Use what you’ve found. Share with others.

This is image the Chrome Extension logo for Diigo.
This is the Chrome Extension logo for Diigo.

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