Bringing Personal Passions into EduCoaching

About a month ago our instructional cabinet began a book study with “Teach Like a Pirate”  by Dave Bugess — and I’m glad I’m re-reading it in a new capacity and from the EduCoach perspective.

#tlap @burgessdave

The first chapter, Passion, encourages us to use our professional, content, and personal passions to enrich the learning environments we create in classrooms.

In my English IV classroom, bringing together my three passions helped enrich the experiences my students had with British literature and kept me from burning out when teaching things I was less-than-passionate about.

So why not bring my professional, content, and personal passions into what I do as a digital learning coach?

I’m started small and with a personal passion — If you’re familiar with, you know about The website allows users to share what they come across while online and is just for videos. It’s amazing.


Last week I went home and did my normal routine (which of course includes and came across this video with the title, “Watching a Soba master make noodles is crazy satisfying.” I had to click.

I hope you watched the video 🙂 I dug around in the video comments to see where the video was originally shared from Think TedTalks gone plants.


After finding my way there, I lost about 2 hours of my life on the videos, articles, and resources about plants, food, and all aspects within the realm of flora.

I found the content so interesting and sticky, that I shared it with teachers for a variety of reasons — bringing interesting reading material into science and CTE courses, providing a hook for a lesson, sparking interest in a research project, and more.

When I put it on paper all the content areas I’ve shared the resource with for various reasons, it surprised me:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Culinary Arts
  • Food Science
  • Lifetime Nutrition
  • Floral Design
  • Environmental Science
  • Spanish
  • French
  • German

So many learning opportunities from this one, sticky resource!

This is shaping what I share and what I look for when sharing. Sharing resources that can be used in multiple ways in a class or used across multiple disciplines is what I’m searching out for my staff moving forward.

Fingers crossed it will lead to cross-curriculum projects with some encouragement!


Here’s me showing my work!


Inspired by:

Learn more! See more!

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