#IMMOOC This is the Beginning

Excited to begin the #IMMOOC book study with @gcouros!

That one year premium account to EduBlogs sounds nice!

Per Mr. C:

So to get you started before we do anything, here is a quick prompt for you:

Why is “innovation” so crucial in education? What impact do you see it having on our students and ourselves long term?

Innovation of our current school system is crucial for the success of our students. I see today’s students stuck in yesterday’s classrooms with yesterday’s curriculum. I get the impression that we send more kids to jail or prison than we do to college or trade school. I want both knowledge that will help me see practices/mindsets/traditions within the current school system that can be changed to give students a better environment to learn and grow in, and skills to affect the change from an instructional coach’s position.

I want to give kids an environment that encourages them to grow into being learners with access to tools that fosters creativity and problem solving.

Without an innovation, or really without any significant change, I see our students failing at life in a big way. It will be like we’ve wasted this time that we had with them.

When I think about long-term consequences of a failed education system — I get scared: high poverty, high unemployment, high prison rate, low college graduation rate, low literacy rate. We’ll be on our death beds in hospitals, but it’s out students that’ll be fighting for a better life. One we ought to be preparing them for and helping them establish.

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