The Gift of Time via #HyperDocs

Ask any teacher what they need right now and the answer is probably going to be time.

So much of PD is “sit and listen to me talk.” Not only does this not honor teacher time, it shows a lack of trust between PD facilitator and teacher.

Enter #HyperDocs.

HyperDocs allow facilitators to put the learning responsibility on the students where it belongs.

Here is an example (you can steal it if you’d like):

Screen Shot 2017-08-25 at 3.15.28 PM

I put all instructions on the hyperdoc, all links that they would need, and tasks to complete to explore different tools for formative assessment.

I knew not everyone would want the same tool for their students (this session was full of teachers across 23 different campuses with different student populations and needs). I wanted them to get the most out my session, so I put the learning on them.

Each of the teachers was so appreciative of the time. Time to explore. Time to learn about the tool they wanted to learn about. One-on-one time with the facilitator and/or partner to think through how to use a tool in class. So many times our learners could accomplish so much more if we, the facilitators, would step aside and let them explore and learn and play and create.

To me, this student-centered learning environment is also an exercise in trust. I trusted the teachers to learn during the session and held them accountable for their learning. They trusted me to provide resources to guide their learning and to design the hyperdoc in a way that is best to learn about the tools.

They enjoyed the session more. I enjoyed the session more. To me that’s a win-win. And I wasn’t exhausted at the end of the day!

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